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Ah, a blocked drain in Carlton? When you have one you know that you are going to be looking forward to all sorts of problems. For example, you may find that a rather repugnant smell starts to build up pretty quickly around the area. In other cases you may find that water does not flow through the drain at all, and that is going to cause all sorts of problems!

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Thankfully, if you get in touch with a trained plumber they will be able to deal with the problem for you! On this page I want to take a little look at how a plumber will deal with blocked drains!

Firstly, they are going to need to identify what is actually causing the blocked drain. As you may know, a number of different things can cause a drain to become blocked. The method that is actually used to clear the blockage will depend on what is actually clogging the pipes up. The plumber is also going to want to know how deep the problem is. For example, there will be some blockages that can’t be reached using some more conventional methods.

If the blocked drain is fairly minor and the problem is not too deep then the plumber will be able to use something known as a ‘drill snake’ (although manual versions are available). This is a long implement which is inserted into the blocked drain. It is then moved in a circular motion. This should hopefully clear away the blockage.

If the problem is slightly deeper or the ‘drill snake’ method is not working then there are a few chemicals on the market that can be used to unblock the drain. The most popular are ‘spirit of salts’ and ‘caustic soda’. The former is a great deal more powerful and most plumbers will use that. However, if you have metal pipes then they will need to use caustic soda to ensure that they don’t actually ‘burn’ the pipes.

If none of these methods work and you still have a blocked drain then the plumber may need to remove the piece of pipe where the blockage is occurring. They will then be able to remove the blockage this way. In some cases the blockage may actually be down to a faulty pipe and thus the pipe will need to be replaced too! I must stress that this is only a very rare situation and in most cases the other methods that I have mentioned should be more than enough.

It is worth noting that you can most likely unblock the drain by yourself. However, it is important to note that you will not always be able to deal with the issue yourself. In fact, if you are not careful it is likely that you can make the problem far worse! This is why it is important to get in touch with a Carlton Plumber. If you do this then at least you know that your drain is going to be unblocked quickly and easily!

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