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The only Football team in Templestowe is called Manningham United FC. Templestowe United FC is actually located in Bulleen.

If your drain pipes are experiencing a similar level of confusion, you best call SS Plumbing & Draincare, we have no identity crisis, we know we’re the best blocked drain service in Templestowe.

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A gurgling kitchen sink and the occasionally disobedient toilet is often overlooked. Even the telling waft of effluent from a soggy patch in the back yard ignored if its s rare enough occurrence.

Often, we ignore these things because: 1, we’re busy and we can’t deal with the possible inconvenience. 2, see 1 again, and 3, because we’re under the common misunderstanding that ‘pluming call out’ is a euphemism for instant bankruptcy.

The truth is actually the opposite. The drainage hiccups mentioned above are critical warning sign that there’s something wrong with your drains. Calling a professional plumber immediately is invariably the most cost-effective approach, and the wise way to ward off significant inconvenience.

The best approach is to call SS Plumbing & Draincare  now, as we offer the most professional and efficient blocked drain service in Templestowe.

The truth is, the reason behind the blockage is likely to be a simple common problem with a fairly simple fix. Over time, sludge builds up on the inner walls of your drains creating collection points for further sludge and grunge. The result can be multiple blockage points.

Things such as fats, oils, coffee grounds, egg shells, hair and sanitary products make their way into your drainage system (We know…You can’t possibly imagine how…). As their escape is gradually thwarted by obstacles in the pipes, these things no longer move through the pipes, therefore creating a barrier through which no more waste will pass.

SS Plumbing & Draincare will remove these blockages with the mechanical eel or high-pressure water blasting. It’s fast and efficient, with little inconvenience to you and your family. These two methods usually restore your drains to peak function.

When these methods fail, it suggests there is a more sinister problem. In this case we send down the CCTV for a close up and personal view that only your plumber can appreciate. Accurately pinpointing pipe breaks, tree root ingress and warn pipes allows us to excavate in the precise location. With a precise digging point, you avoid seeing your yard turned into and open cut mine.

SS Plumbing & Draincare employs the latest technologies and our decades of experience to provide the most comprehensive blocked drain services in Templestowe. When the job is complete, we’ll impart our vast drainage wisdom to ensure you can implement strategies and new habits to ensure the blocks do not reoccur and that you extend the working life of your drainage system.

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