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Blocked Drain Plumbing Professionals are the best in what they do. It is best to let them do what they do best, even when it may be visually easy. Freeing clogs from one’s drain is an example of things that you should let professionals do. It may look very easy, but it only is if you have the right tools and the knowledge necessary to get the job done.

However, it may not be bad knowing it can be done seeing that professional tools are harder to acquire.Do you have a Blocked Drain in Collingwood that needs fixing?Call Now on 0418 555 804! Learning how to unclog the drain and doing the actual thing are different matters altogether. The latter only takes a few minutes, but learning how to do them at a professional scale takes years of experience and training.Here is how professionals deal with unclogging your drains in Collingwood:

  1. There should be a water source nearby, which is why it is necessary that the nearest faucet should have running water flowing. If there is none near the clogged drain, you should have a bucket of it ready.
  2. Create an environment in the drains that is similar to a vacuum, meaning these should be air-tight. Joint should be sealed or at least reinforced to make sure. This will aid the water’s power in loosening and ultimately removing the clogs from the drains.
  3. A plunger suction cup is then used to cover the drain. Professionals make sure that the resulting environment is also air tight. Again, this part is about creating a vacuum to aid removing the clogs from the pipes.
  4. Push and pull the plunger suction cup as well as you can because both are very important. The main point here is to keep the cause of the clog moving through the pipes.
  5. Remove the plunger and check whether or not water is flowing freely through the pipes.
  6. Repeat the last three steps if water still clogs at the middle.

To be honest, it usually takes more than one try to remove the clogs from the drains in Collingwood.As you can see, the entire work is very tedious and you should be patient enough to try more than once. In addition, different drains call for different techniques. That is why it takes years of experience before anyone can totally learn the skills necessary that professional plumbers have.

For kitchen sinks, it is better if you have someone nearby to help you in holding the stopper in place. The push and pull action caused by the plunger has the tendency to pop the stopper out of place. In addition, water sources on both sides are necessary in order to check whether or not the clog has been completely removed.

Of course, if this does not clear the clog, it is best to remove the trap and use a snake, which is a tool used by professionals. Tools and experience are necessary in the work that Collingwood Plumbers do, although, their job can be easy if you only look at it. However, knowing is different from doing and you never know when that gained knowledge becomes useful.

So if you have a blocked drain problem in the Collingwood area, give SS Plumbing & Draincare a call!

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