Quality Blocked Drains Service Melbourne

Hi my name is Stuart Scott (that is me hard at work in that picture to the right!) and I’ve been a Plumber in Melbourne for over 28 years.

The first advice I can give you if you’re experiencing problems with blocked drain pipes is to get in touch with professional Plumbers who are EXPERTS in blocked drains.

Pretty simple really. Most people will just call any old Plumber in the phone book and expect to have the job done correctly. But the reality is you can get mucked around by a Plumber who doesn’t understand the problem or have the specialised equipment to unblocked drains.

Not only do you need the right equipment. You need a Plumber who is experienced with all areas of blocked drains including clearing blocked drains, cleaning blocked drains, fixing blocked stormwater drains and repairing blocked sewer pipes in the Melbourne.

I’ve seen customers who have wasted a lot of time & money by making this mistake. So don’t be like them. If you’re you looking for a professional Melbourne Plumber to inspect your Blocked Drains, give Scott’s Drain Care & Repair a call on 0418 555 804.

Why Choose Our Blocked Drain Clearing Service?

Fixing drains in Melbourne is a complicated task. Scott’s Drain Care & Repair boasts the complete set of the latest technology for drain clearing and drain management. Our diligent Plumbers make use of the latest closed circuit television (CCTV) technology to conduct drain inspections. Scott’s Drain Care & Repair values honest work and genuine care for the customer. The latest in CCTV technology will ensure that we can assist owners in finding the exact cause of their drain blockage no matter how far down the drain it is located. From an economical perspective, this also helps prevent the customer from needless spending on expensive excavation work and materials.

Homeowners plagued by blocked drains Melbourne, have to look no further for a high quality drain Plumbing and drainage clearing service, that believes in the value of good customer service. Scott’s Drain Care & Repair is offering a top notch drain plumbing services in the suburbs of Melbourne ( Areas we serve – Brunswick, Clifton Hill, Northcote, Alphington, Abbotsford, Bellfield, Bullen, Carlton Nort, Collingwood, Coburg, Doncaster, Eaglemont, Fairfield, Fitzroy, Thornbury, Heidelberg and Rosanna). We pride ourselves on having a highly experienced crew which truly sets it apart from other plumbing services.

Why Hire a Melbourne Plumber for Your Blocked Drains?

Commercial cleaners and other chemical companies propose a variety of methods for cleaning and unblocking drains which do not involve hiring a plumber. Some of these methods include purchasing toxic and abrasive solvents to try and dissolve the blockage. While these may work for partial drain blocks where there is a hole for the dissolved residue to seep through, this does not work for drains which are totally blocked. The result will be a mucky substance clogging the drain even further.

Plumbers understand drain structure and are able to determine exactly where the bottlenecks are in the design and exactly how these can be addressed. Plumbers prefer to extract blockages instead of attempting to dissolve them. This prevents undue damage to a plumbing system which can be caused by pouring highly abrasive substances into a drain.

How Do Plumbers Unblock Drains?

There are many ways a plumber can unblock a drain mechanically. The two most common methods are the plunger method and the drain-tap auger method.

  • The plunger method is by far the easiest. It simply involves covering the overflow opening of the sink or drain to create a seal. The plunger creates pressure causing the blockage to be swept away.
  • The drain-tap auger makes use of a device attached to a metal wire which is inserted into the drain. Upon encountering the blockage, the plumber using the auger to dislodge the blockage. Augers work particularly well with porous blockages wherein the auger has a surface to grip on.