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SS Plumbing & Draincare are experts at unblocking drains!  We are highly skilled in cleaning-out all types of drains including commercial, industrial and residential drains.

We have been in the field for many years and our customer testimonials will show you the level of service we deliver to our customers. Our service records prove that we have qualified personnel to deal with any type of blocked drains.

You can also rely on us for all your general plumbing jobs too.  From hot water system repairs to burst pipes or roof leaks.  You can trust us to get the job done properly and at a fair price.

Blocked Drain In Northcote?

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How Do We Unblock Your Drain?

We evaluate all issues related to each job and select the best way to solve the problem and repair the drain. We have special equipments, and we use them to unblock drains quickly and effectively. With the knowledge, experience and special equipments, we have the ability to unblock your drain/s effectively within a short period of time. We have very special and expensive equipments and vehicles to complete every job accurately and speedily.

Our top notch quality service is unbeatable. We always provide consistent, polite service on time. We respond to all customer inquiries very quickly. For missed inquiries, we get back to our customers within an hour. In emergencies, we will reach to the problem site within 4 hours.

Our main business is unblocking drains, and we are experts in that task. Our company uses the latest technologies and high-tech equipments to clean blocked drains.

With the world class technologies and equipments use, we have the ability to:

  • Find the exact issue exists in your blocked drain and provide quick solutions to clean it without wasting time and money.
  • Use the latest technologies and methodologies to clean blocked drains effectively.
  • Use high-tech equipment and formulas to do the job correctly for the first time without doing any damages to the system.
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How Plumbers Clean Blocked Drains?

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You can clean any blocked drain quickly if you have the right tools, knowledge and the experience.

Generally, we use a CCTV camera to find the issue and its location. Then, our plumbing experts shoot high pressure water down the drain or sewer by using a jet blaster. This is a quick and successful solution for the most issues. However, if the issue cannot be resolved through this method, we use drain inspection camera for further investigations.

If we found that the block has happened due to tree roots, we remove them by using a cutting head on the jet blaster. A drain inspection camera is the most suitable tool to find remaining blocks accurately and quick>

Issues That Can Be Occurred If You Do Not Fix Blocked Drains

Broken Pipes

This is one of the most common issues that can occur due to blocked drains. This can happen due to various reasons. Inner and outer pressures are the most common reason behind these cracks.
Root Invasion
Tree roots find underground water. You may not believe that roots can damage to a man-made drain pipe, but they can. This is one of the serious issues that some draining systems face. Roots can completely infiltrate a drain pipe. Pipe can be completely infested and there will be no place for water draining. Most of the times, this happens through damaged pipes. Root infestation can also cause to other garbage accumulations in the drain pipe. This issue can be easily found by using a drain camera.
Collapsed Drain Pipes

Incorrect installation can cause to collapse drain pipes. This can also happen if the pipe is too old. This is a severe issue, and it is necessary to take immediate actions.

Bellied or Established Pipes

This can happen according to the place where the pipe established. It is also called as a “belly”. The pipe gathers water around the ground where it established and no chance to drain. The main reason behind this issue is incorrect ground compact during the system installation. Sometimes, it is because you have installed the pipe during a very rainy season with ground erosion.

Plumbing camera inspection provides good solutions for the above issues.

Many property owners in Northcote think that no any serious issues can occur in their draining systems. When a block occurs in a sink or bathtub, many people use ‘drain-o’ to solve the issue. However, it is suitable only to clean small blocks.

To find any severe issues including breaks and blockages that are not cleared by chemicals; CCTV camera inspection is the best option you have. It is important to inspect a drain system regularly to keep it clean and without any blockages. Therefore, make sure to keep an ongoing plumbing maintenance schedule. Contact SS Plumbing & Draincare to receive a quick and high quality service for affordable rates for Blocked Drains in Northcote.

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