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If you have ever encountered a blocked sewer or storm drain, then you must understand how inconvenient plumbing and drainage issues can be.

At that moment all you want is:

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Stuart Scott has been a plumber in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne since 1985. First as a plumbing intern then in 1991 he founded SS Plumbing & Draincare. He brings over 30 years of experience to the job.

Born and bred in Fairfield Stu knows the Northern suburbs of Melbourne like the back of his hand. His team of experienced plumbers are often in Reservoir, which is just a short 9.2 km drive from our base in Alphington. That’s just a 15 minute drive from our door to your Reservoir home or business.

Many of our customers come to us via referrals from family and friends. Never heard of us yet? Ask around!

  • We offer 24/7 emergency response.
  • Our truck is loaded with modern state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Our customer service is famously personable.
Edwardes Lake Park, Reservoir

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For All Your Commercial And Residential Plumbing Needs

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We unclog all types of blockages. From a storm drain blocked with tree roots to a blocked sewerage drain, a blocked toilet and a blocked bathroom.

For All Your Commercial And Residential Plumbing Needs

We unclog all types of blockages. From a storm drain blocked with tree roots to a blocked sewerage drain, a blocked toilet and a blocked bathroom.

Diagnosing Your Drain Blockage

We will run a state-of-the-art Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera through the drain to find the exact cause of the blockage and its location. Diagnosing the problem earlier on saves you time and money that other plumbers would have used for unnecessary procedures. We will not charge you for a replacement when all that’s needed is a drain repair. We are honest and transparent. If the blockage is further down the sewer drain and the problem falls under the responsibility of the Darebin Council, we will let you know before any cost blow out!

Afterwards, we discuss with you the available options we will use to unblock the clogged drain and give you the exact price quote before we start working. Normally for drain cleaning, we use a hydrojet drain cleaner to blast the blockage then wash it away with high pressure water.

Hot Water System Repair And Replacement

We can repair and replace your hot water system or help you with a new installation. We install all the popular brands including Reem and provide you with a certificate of compliance.

As our customer, it’s good for you to know that the average lifespan of a hot water system is between 10-15 years. Check for the date of manufacture on the body of the installation and use it as a guide for when you will need to repair or replace your systems.

If we find need to replace your system, however, we will walk you through the cons and pros. We’re not the plumbers who will want to sell then install for you. We pride ourselves on transparency and honesty.

Available For Commercial Plumbing In Reservoir

We are expert plumbers when fixing large storm water drain systems or sewer drainage. In the recent past, we have won contracts for business and local government establishments including:

  • Schools
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Retail stores

Emergency Plumbing Nearby

We service all of the Darebin area so we’re never far away when you need us.

Hire A Plumber With A High-Tech-CCTV Camera And SAVE!

But we are effective and get the job done efficiently. We save you money you would use to unblock recurrent blockages because of shoddy work from a “dodgie” techie.

Fully Licensed Plumbers Near You

Trust us with your sewer drain repair or storm drain repair. Before we show up at your door, we ensure we are compliant with OH&S requirements and Darebin plumbing regulations.

Best Plumbers For Leaking Gutters & Roof Repairs

It’s a relief that numerous houses are being renovated in Reservoir. However, older houses still pose a threat when it comes to uninvited water through the roof. It could be broken tiles causing the problem or a blocked downpipe. We will be glad to fix the repairs for you.

But if your roof is beyond repair, we will be honest enough and advise you to replace it.

Kitchen And Laundry Renovations

It could be anything from changing the faucet to your kitchen sink or repurposing an old closet into a toilet.

Why Our Customers Recommend Us:

  • We are efficient and effective on the job
  • We turn up on time
  • We are friendly and courteous
  • We tidy up your premise once we are done.

When you work with SS Plumbing and Draincare, you can trust you are in safe hands.

Review Blocked Drain & Plumbing Work We’ve Done In Reservoir & The Darebin Council Area:

Preston Kitchen, Laundry Renovation

Preston Kitchen, Laundry Renovation

Preston Kitchen and Laundry Renovation Linen Cupboard converted to a Powder Room! Great out of the box thinking from this client! He approached us to quote on renovating both the kitchen and laundry at his Preston home.  The fun part was he also wanted to convert his...

Thornbury Roof Replacement Jul19

Thornbury Roof Replacement Jul19

Thornbury Colorbond Roof Replacement in time for the RainScope of Works:Remove flue from a disused Wood Heater & Investigate a Roof Leak at a home in ThornburyWe initially visited this client in to remove the disused wood heater flue however we found the roof on...

Stormwater Drain & Sewer Renewal in Fairfield VIC 3078

Stormwater Drain & Sewer Renewal in Fairfield VIC 3078

Stormwater Drain & Sewer Renewal in Fairfield VIC 3078 A good as new driveway after storm drain and sewer excavation & renewal. -A happy client in Fairfield.For storm drain replacement & renewal services anywhere in Melbourne's Northern suburbs and a job...

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