Over 30 Years of Plumbing Experience in Melbourne’s North

SS Plumbing & Draincare, formerly known as Scott’s Drain Care & Repair has been delivering specialist drainage services & quality plumbing services & to the inner Northern suburbs of Melbourne Australia since 1991.

Stuart Scott has worked as a highly qualified plumber in the region for over 25 years.

  • Blocked Drains

    When you come to us to use our unblocking drains service, the first thing we will need to do is work out exactly what is causing the problem, whether it is a blocked sewer or blocked toilets.
  • Blocked Shower Drains

    Most shower drains are designed to be accessed easily. A good shower drain plumber will be able to do this for you and remove the blockage and allow water to flow through properly once more.
  • Blocked Stormwater Drains

    Blocked stormwater drains results in foul smelling surroundings. This is a carryover of the sewer water rising to the surface.


Stuart Scott Plumbing Pty Ltd has delivered quality plumbing services since 1991.

Strong Team

Stuart’s plumbers are experienced, efficient, and will get the job done.

Friendly Service

Stuart and his team will ensure your blocked drain woes become a positive experience!

Need Help with a Blocked Drain or Sewer?

SS Plumbing & Draincare have over 25 years experience in clearing drains in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs. Our expert technician use a camera to identify the source and location of the problem and then our powerful jetter to blast and wash away the blockage.


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