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The much sought-after Eaglemont has been home to many a notable Australian architect and artist.

The list includes those of such renown as Walter Burly Griffin.

While plumbing might not be considered one of the arts, when SS Plumbing & Draincare unblocks your drains for good, we’re certain you’ll applaud the finished work as a genuine masterpiece.


SS Plumbing & Draincare provides first class blocked drain services in Eaglemont. Period buildings are a special for us. We’re attuned to the common causes of blockage in your area and able to pinpoint issues with accuracy. Unlike the work of former locals such as Arthur Streeton, Plumbing is not about impressionism. It’s about critical thought, and pragmatism underpinned by a wealth of experience.


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The reason your drains a blocked can be attributed to any number of reasons. While a build up of discarded oil paints might be a cause in Eaglemont, it’s more than likely something more commonly experienced. Inevitably, a build-up of waste sludge over time will slow dissipation. When your waste departs slowly, the opportunity for build up increases. Multiple blockage point can be the result.

The only way you can be certain as to the root cause is to call SS Plumbing & Draincare . The reason more and more locals are coming to rely on us is because SS Plumbing & Draincare provides the most thorough blocked drain service in Eaglemont.

We’ll send down our faithful eel to remove all blockages, but we’ll also asses why the blockage occurred. We use the latest in CCTV technology to get a perfect view of your pipes. With the evidence considered, we provide a comprehensive remediation plan, to ensure the blockages don’t occur again.

The value of CCTV can not be underestimated. We can identify broken pipes, tree root ingress, and pipes that have passed their used by date. Early detection followed by appropriate remedy mitigates against the collateral damage of dysfunctional drains.

Untrained and uncontained waste water promotes disease potential and can inflict significant damage on your house fixtures and structure. While most frequently blockage issues are simple, a comprehensive inspection ensures more sinister problems are nipped in the bud.

A call to SS Plumbing & Draincare is not just about a flowing drain, it’s peace of mind.

Your domestic services are secreted away in walls, crawl spaces and underground. They do their job, and it’s set and forget. We’ll talk to you about strategies that will keep it that way. We’ll show you a plan that extends the functional life of your drainage.

SS Plumbing & Draincare provides the most comprehensive blocked drain services in Eaglemont. It’s our experience that sets us apart, and it’s our experience translate into value for the customer. Call us now for a scheduled visit. We’re also available for emergency call out. Don’t put off repairing blocked drains. Prompt attention is the key. Call SS Plumbing & Draincare now.

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