Unblocking drains is our core business and our specialty. Scott’s drain care & repair uses world class technology and state of the art equipment for cleaning and clearing blocked drains.

Because of this world class technology we can:

  • Find and point to the exact cause of your blocked drains to save you wasting money on expensive and unnecessary excavation work.
  • Use up-to-date knowledge and training in the usage of the most advanced technology for clearing blocked drains
  • Advanced drain approved tools and procedures ensure that the job is done right the first time with no damage.

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As for our service and response – it’s hard to beat. We offer a prompt, courteous and reliable service. On all phone calls, we’ll answer your call immediately or call you back within 1 hour; wherever possible we’ll be on-site within 4 hours to fix your emergency.

Scott’s drain care & repair – the specialists at unblocking drains! We unblock all types of drains residential, commercial and industrial. Our years of experience in the field of unblocking drains with positive testimony shows that we are well experienced and qualified to deal with your blocked drain. When on-site, and for each job, we assess the problem, and most importantly determine the best approach for repair. With our specialist equipment we can quickly and effectively unblock drains. With our experience, expertise, and specialized equipment, be assured we will unblock your drain/s quickly and effectively. We have invested in top quality equipment and vehicles, ensuring the job is done right, the first time, and fast.

How will my plumber unblock my drain?

Clearing a blocked drain can be a relatively simple job when you have the right tools and expertise.

In most cases, as a first step, we use a CCTV camera to identify the location of the obstruction. Our expert drainage plumbers will then use a jet blaster to shoot water at high pressure down the drains or sewer. This high-powered blast clears most blockages but if it doesn’t, we use our drain inspection camera to investigate further.

If we can see that tree roots are causing the drain blockage, we use a cutting head on the jet blaster to remove the tree roots. A drain inspection camera is the best, and fastest, way to know what is causing the remaining blockage.

The following problems normally occur because of a blocked drain…

Cracked pipes

A common problem associated with blocked drains is cracked pipes, this can be caused by a variety of reasons – commonly pressure from the environment and from the inner part of the drain .

Collapsed drain pipes

When a drain or sewer pipe has been installed incorrectly or is very old and using dated materials it is common for the pipe to collapse entirely. This is a fairly serious issue that should be dealt with immediately.

Root infestation

Trees are very effective at finding water in the ground, you may wonder how roots can infiltrate man made drain pipes but they can and they do. The truth is that root infestation can be a serious issue, drain pipes can become completely infested with roots to the point there is simply no room for water to drain. This is usually caused by a crack in the drain pipe. Blockage from root infestation also increases the chances of other debris accumulating in the pipe. It is very easy to diagnose this problem with a drain camera inspection.

Bellied or settled pipes

One problem that can occur is where pipes settle in the ground, this creates what is sometimes referred to as a “belly”. The pipe will accumulate water in this area since gravity does not have a chance to let it drain. This problem is usually due to the ground not being compacted correctly during the installation of the pipe; also the pipe may have been installed on a very rainy day causing ground erosion.


Because of the above problem(s) plumbing camera inspection is right for you.

Unfortunately many property owners believe that nothing serious can happen to their property’s drain and sewage system. Even when there’s a block in a sink or bathrooms basically are too slow while depleting waste water, numerous property owners go out to buy some ‘drain-o’. However, this only addresses small blockages.

CCTV drain camera inspection allows you to uncover any serious issues, such as breaks in the pipe, blockages that are not cleared by chemicals, or originate inside a drain pipe. A regular sewer or drain camera inspection is an important part of an on-going plumbing maintenance schedule for any property. Contact  SS Plumbing & Draincare who offer top quality drainage services at affordable prices. Call 0418 555 804 Now!