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At first a gurgling noise then your sink, shower or toilet are draining slowly in your kitchen or bathroom, your sewer line is sluggish. Gradually, an increasingly unpleasant smell….what’s that? Puddles of water outside but it hasn’t even been raining?
Uh oh. Looks like it’s Time to Get Your Drains Cleaned!
Don’t wait until they block up and cause messy costly repairs!

We Are Professional Drain Cleaning Contractors with Multiple Five Star Reviews

SS Plumbing & Draincare is a family owned and operated professional plumbing company with over 30 years experience clearing blocked drains in Melbourne’s North and North Eastern suburbs.

Our top of the range high pressure jet blasting equipment & latest video imaging technology enable us to quickly diagnose problems & clear drains from small residential to heavy duty industrial. We’re not your average plumber, we’re drainage specialists!

The drains and pipes on your property will naturally block up over time but when you know the early warning signs to look for and the right expertise to call upon you can often avoid the expensive catastrophe of a complete blockage. A quick and simple clean may be all that’s required.

How Often Should You Flush Out Your Drains?

Even a healthy drain can block up over time, not just because of foreign materials ending up where they shouldn’t but because of mother nature too.

roots removed from sewer clean
Roots – tree roots are attracted to the condensation on the surface of the pipes and eventually penetrate via the pipe joints, or tiny fractures and cracks. What would normally wash down then becomes caught until eventually the whole drain is blocked up.
storm drain needs cleaning
Heavy rain washes a lot of debris into & Silt build up in your pipes, washed down there often after heavy rain ultimately blocking your storm grate so excess water can no longer escape.

Professional Residential and Commercial Drain Cleaning Services in Melbourne

  • High-Pressure Drain JettingCleaning Out sewer drain
  • State of the art CCTV Equipment
  • Expert technicians with 30 years experience
  • Available for Emergency Drain Cleaning
  • Fast Response
  • On Time Arrival
  • Clean & Friendly experienced technicians

Expertise and Specialist Tools & Equipment Is a Winning Combo

We attend every job with our very best equipment. Our powerful cable drum machine and high pressure water jetter have different uses but together with our expertise we have every scenario covered.

Cable Sewer Machine also known as an auger or drain snake can bore through thick matter such as tree roots as well as retrieve or remove objects causing blockages.
Its motorized coil breaks up debris allowing waste water to flow freely again.

But “Snaking a drain” as this is called, is NOT a cleaning process.

Some debris is likely to remain and the drain or pipe could very easily become blocked again before too long.

High Pressure Water Jet Drain Cleaning

High Pressure Water Jet Drain Cleaning

High Pressure drain cleaning Melbourne Northern Suburbs

A high pressure water jetter machine also known as a Hydrojetter provides a deep “wall to wall” clean of up to several hundred feet of sewer line if necessary, whilst also removing grease or other solid matter in its path. Hydro Jetting is an extremely efficient and powerful advanced technology for drainage plumbing and very cost effective for the customer because it’s usually a quick process. What’s more, no chemicals are involved so it’s also good for the environment 👍

It works by running a high pressure hose up from the inspection point or boundary trap from the downstream end of the system so that the high pressure water jet is shot upstream against gravity. To be effective and avoid damage, the water pressure needs to be set at a certain temperature appropriate to the age, type and condition of your pipes.

The extreme water pressure pulls the hose along the pipework clearing everything in its path. No residue is left behind. Just squeaky clean pipes as good as new👍

Any dislodged debris is flushed safely back downstream through the already cleared drainage path.

Our ute is fully equipped with the latest high tech equipment, ready to clear lines with pressure up to 4300 PSI(pound per square inch).

Our Process

Inspect Layout of Your Drain System

As professionals, before commencing any cleaning works we first map out layout of drains on the property with our sophisticated video imaging equipment.

Clearing any drain without a proper inspection first nearly always costs more in the end. Without this crucial step you could find yourself forking out multiple times when your drain keeps blocking up repeatedly because of the same issue which was not detected.

Of course it’s also really important where possible to diagnose any issues before they can become major problems at risk of causing serious and expensive damage to your property. Nobody wants to experience sewage everywhere, imagine the stench! It’s a memory you will find hard to “unsee”.

A closed circuit camera can analyze the entire drainage system checking for cracked or damaged pipes and their exact location. If there is damage we’re able to determine the extent of it and it’s precise location in order to give you an accurate cost.

To Avoid an Emergency Invest in Regularly Cleaning Out Smelly Drains.

Whilst we are available with fast response time outside of regular business hours to suburbs in Melbourne’s North & North East we do strongly recommend that if you have old drains or even just slow drains on your property to book a clean and assessment.

Repairing and Maintaining Healthy Drains

Sometimes all that’s needed is a more regular clean out of your drains to prevent more frequent blockages and further damage. You may still need to do repairs eventually but this is a cost effective way to prolong the health of older drains perhaps until your budget can accommodate the repairs.

If you have a recurring blockage it’s a good idea to book in a regular clean at least once a year.

Hire Reliable Stormdrain & Sewer Cleaning Specialists

Using Plumbers auger to snake drain


We offer regular drain cleaning as part of a broader plumbing maintenance plan.  Suitable for both domestic or commercial properties it’s a pro-active and cost effective approach to avoiding emergencies and expensive damage to your property – a likely scenario when issues go undetected for a long period of time.



or each individual property the frequency of cleaning will depend on variable factors such as the general condition and age of the drainage system and the location and condition of surrounding trees and roots.

How Much Does it Cost to Clean Out a Drain?

No plumber can provide an accurate quote without first inspecting your property. Usually you will pay a callout fee which covers the first hour of works required. Most plumbers then charge an hourly rate thereafter but until an initial onsite assessment has been conducted any cost estimates are unreliable. Nobody can see underground!

Whilst some jobs are straightforward and can be completed within 1-2 hours others will require half a day to a full 2 days of work.

Upfront Affordable Pricing. No Hidden Costs.

At SS Plumbing & Draincare we stand behind our impeccable reputation of honesty & integrity. Whilst some of our competitors will charge a very low callout fee they often do not have the necessary equipment to do an efficient diagnosis.

The problem therefore just comes back and you, the customer end up paying twice. Or worse, paying for repairs to your damaged property because the problem was worse the second time around. All of which could have been avoided if the job was done properly in the first place.

Do Not be Fooled by Cheap $70 Offers for Drain Cleaning

If you’re after a professional who will do a quality job and give you honest sound advice.

Cheap does not equal wise!!

Not when it comes to the health of your drainage system and pipes! A rock bottom call out fee is often a smoke screen for unnecessary repairs or replacement pipes which will cost you no short of an arm and a leg.

Get an Honest Accurate Quote

Our callout fee for the first hour includes not only our 30 years of expertise but our exceptional diagnostic & high powered drain cleaning equipment too. We get to the root of the issue (no pun intended) and can resolve it in the quickest time frame possible.

We save our customers hundreds of dollars.
Our callout fee for the first hour includes not only our 30 years of expertise but our exceptional diagnostic & high powered drain cleaning equipment too. We get to the root of the issue (no pun intended) and can resolve it in the quickest time frame possible.

Our moto: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

Other Plumbing & Draincare Services we offer

  • Drain Camera Inspections
  • Blocked Drain Plumbing
  • Regular Maintenance Programs

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