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If you live in Brunswick, you’ll be no doubt familiar with

Old Houses

Old Drains

Old Trees

What do these all have in common?

They’re a recipe for blocked drains, flooded showers, and sinks that don’t flow.

In Brunswick, as in many of Melbourne’s inner suburbs, tree roots grow around pipes, and often push their way into them, seeking out moisture. And once they reach a ready source of water, they grow still more roots, blocking or bursting your drains, or worse, causing sinks, toilets, and showers to back up.

Even in new builds, blocked drains are a fact of life.

Hair, toothpaste, grease, and oil can collect in drains causing them to block…with very unpleasant results.

That’s where SS Plumbing and DrainCare come in.

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CCTV Drain Pipe Inspection and Clearing in Brunswick

SS Plumbing and Drain Care uses only the best high-tech equipment to clear your stormwater and sewerage pipes, so the job is completed quickly and efficiently. And because we always search for the cause of the blockage, we create solutions that last.


How it works

Smells, damp patches in lawns and showers gurgling are all signs you may have a blocked or burst drain. So, when you call us, we use the latest CCTV equipment to inspect the entire line of all your drains to locate the exact point where the repair or replacement is needed.

Our equipment is so precise it can identify:

  • Not only how far away along the pipe the fault lies
  • But also how deep it is

So, you can be assured when SS Plumbing and Drain Care repairs your Brunswick drain there’s no unnecessary excavation and no surprises in the final price.

High Tech Equipment

Once we find the source of the blockage with our CCTV camera, we use one of two high-tech methods to remove it.

  • For stormwater drains, we use a Hydro-jet machine.
    This machine uses extremely high-pressure water to break up and remove silt, mud and other soil-like materials from your drains.
  • For large roots and other sewerage blockages, we get out the big guns – our state-of-the-art Cable Drain Clearing machine. This ‘Drain Snake’ has large grinding and cutting heads that make short work of tree roots.

When you engage SS Plumbing and Drain Care, there’s no guesswork in your drain clearing. No unnecessary excavations. No half-fixes.

Our qualified plumbers use only the highest-quality equipment and latest techniques to get the job done quickly, so you can rest assured you’re getting”

  • The best job,
  • The best value and
  • The least inconvenience.

Book your Brunswick Drain Inspection Today. Prevent Blockages Tomorrow!

Wherever there are drains, there’s the possibility that they’ll block. There’s no guaranteed way to prevent this.

At SS Plumbing and Drain Care, we understand that plumbing can be a big expense. You may feel blocked drains are not a big issue and be tempted to delay finding the source of a blocked drain.

And once the drains are flowing again, it’s natural that you might think the problem has been fixed. But this isn’t always the case.

Small blockages can become big ones quickly…which can lead to stress, mess, and even greater expense in the long run.

That’s why an on-site inspection of your drains in Brunswick could save you thousands of dollars by preventing future blockages. And it will eliminate the inconvenience and stress of finding a qualified plumber available to carry out urgent repairs.

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When You Need a Drain Unblocked in Brunswick, VIC

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Stormwater or Sewerage Leakage can be Harmful to Your Family & Pets!

We all know the expression, ‘There’s no time like the present.’ And when it comes to clearing a blocked drain it is especially important.

One blockage could lead to multiple other blockages along the lines, which will only escalate the costs of clearing when you eventually hire a plumber.

What’s worse is that if your drains continually block and leak, the risk of stagnant, dirty water affecting you, your family, and your pets is extremely high.

Both sewerage and stormwater can be harmful to humans (and their beloved pets) if left to collect without treatment.

“Black Water” (the wastewater from toilets contains disease-carrying germs.

So, an untreated leak or break in your sewer pipe can cause serious health issues.

Wastewater from showers, baths and kitchens is called ‘Grey’ water and can also be dangerous.

Kitchen water, in particular, contains food scraps and grease – two things bacteria need to survive.

Even rainwater from your roof and downpipes can be a breeding ground for mosquitos and other bugs if left to collect or pool on your property.

So, fixing a blocked drain now will not only eliminate future blockages, but it can also protect your property from contamination and your family from harm.

Additional Services our Plumbers Offer in Brunswick /Brunswick East

We are a one-stop shop for blocked drains and all things related.

If you need hot water system repairs or installation you can also rely on our expertise. We only work with the best and most reliable brands.

Hot Water brands Rheem
Hot Water brands Rinnai
Hot Water brands AquaMax

We know hot water units inside out and will advise only with your best interests in mind, replacing them only as a last-case resort.

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