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Do I have a sewer leak? How do I know?

As opposed to stormwater drainage which runs through your house, your sewer pipes are underground, so it’s almost impossible to detect a leak. Most likely you won’t know about it until it blocks up with very obvious consequences.

The First signs your Sewer is blocked:

Aside from the woefully unpleasant smell you’ll see an overflow of water outside your house or business and yes, it may have the most unpleasant contents of your toilet in it! This will be the “Relief Gully” of your sewer system warning you there’s a problem and you need to get on to it pronto.

Prior to this though there are earlier signs to look out for:

  • a gurgling in the pipes
  • your toilet not flushing properly (ie water is backing up with every flush).

Common issues with sewer pipe blockages or leaks

There are plenty more common problems we deal with which reasons we why sewers get commonly blocked:

  • Invasion from tree roots or shrub roots
  • Misaligned, cracked or broken sewer pipes due to inefficient installation or poor workmanship, or where inappropriate materials have been used.
  • Outdated or substandard materials used: Earthenware or Clay Pipes which were laid 20+ years ago and haven’t been well maintained or have just reached the end of their life cycle.
  • Broken, cracked, punctured or even collapsed pipes due to shifting soil, changed by extreme weather conditions.
  • Grease buildup preventing adequate water flow
  • Corrosion/General Wear and Tear
  • Leaking Joints: The seals between pipes have decayed or broken, allowing water to escape into the ground surrounding the pipes.

Is it going to cost an arm and a leg to replace my sewer pipes?

The good news is, that unlike stormwater drainage pipes where a leak can quite quickly cause major damage to your house, a problem in your sewer system which is external to your house may be of inconvenience to your garden but is unlikely to result in costly repairs of your home.

The potential downside is that without the right expertise and equipment and an accurate diagnosis you could end of with a recurring problem or worse paying for repairs you don’t need.

The Main Reasons Why Your Sewer Gets Blocked!

The most common reasons we find sewer pipes become blocked are due to foreign objects as a result of human action not human waste!:

  • Baby Wipes & the occasional nappy
  • Tampons
  • Cat Litter

You might think all of these would be obvious but you’d be surprised how many people are not educated about this.  Sadly it is most commonly our commercial clients which suffer the most, particularly where toilets and washrooms have public access. In that case we recommend clear visual signage so that even non-English speaking people can understand!

What happens if you don’t take action:

Quite simply this sort of problem does not go away and even if it turns out to be a blockage which can be removed as opposed to a cracked or broken pipe needing replacement it’s still extremely important for the long term health of your sewerage system that you get to the root cause.

Hire a Reputable Blocked Drain Plumber with the right equipment and the expertise of how to use it!

Some plumbers will charge upfront what seems to be a very cheap price to unblock your sewer, which you then find blocks up again a few weeks later and you’re back where you started. Whilst it may seem like a good saving at the time it’s actually a waste of your hard earned bucks. Whilst it may seem like a good saving at the time it’s actually a waste of your hard earned bucks.

Others will not conduct a detailed enough inspection and diagnose a costly replacement of pipes when only the repair of a small section was necessary.

SS Plumbing will charge you an affordable fee to come and inspect the blockage which includes a thorough inspection with their top of the range CCTV drain camera.

We repair what can be repaired and we replace only what needs to be replaced – and if that’s just a very small section of pipe that’s all that you pay for.

Our high tech camera can pinpoint the exact problem area in a very short amount of time with absolutely no guesswork. So we fix the issue at the root: no more blockages. That’s what we call value for money and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service too!

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Sewer Maintenance Programs in Melbourne: Commercial & Residential

As a business owner, malfunctioning drain and sewer plumbing can have a devastating effect on your business. Commercial drain and sewer lines experience much more wear and tear than residential sewers and are more prone to clogs and blockage. It’s for this reason that we recommend getting your drains professionally cleaned at regular intervals.

Our plumbers understand how critical a well-functioning plumbing system is to your business or your home. We offer a comprehensive list of drain and sewer services to prevent and repair a variety of sewer plumbing problems.

We also offer customized sewer drain maintenance programs to meet the needs of your business or home.

Regular Sewer Cleaning Avoids Blockages

Getting your sewer drains cleaned regularly is likely to extend the life of your existing pipes are far less likely to experience the disruption of a sudden blockage.

Understanding the health of your sewer system enables you to plan ahead for any costly repairs or replacements rather than have them thrust upon you at the most inconvenient time.

Call us today to schedule a full commercial or residential plumbing inspection. We’ll do a walk-through of your building to assess the state of your existing plumbing system and recommend a regular maintenance schedule to prevent drain and sewer problems.

High tech. CCTV Drain Camera

Emergency Sewer Repairs 24/7 to Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs

Outside of standard business hours our team is available 24/7 to help with sewer line plumbing emergencies, including sewer leaks, sewer repair, and sewer replacement.

Video Camera Sewer Line Inspection Melbourne

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