Boundary Shaft Excavation in Eaglemont

Collapsed Boundary Shaft Beyond Repair

This client is a neighbour of ours in Eaglemont. His garden flooded and an ominous smell lead him to the smart choice to call in his local drainage experts, SS Plumbing & Draincare!

We sent our camera down to inspect and unfortunately for this guy his old pipeline was beyond repair. 

Time for an upgrade! 

Where possible we’ll always clean out and repair your pipes however nothing lasts forever and after repeatedly blocking up, this pipe had given up the ghost.

We got an urgent repair notice through from Yarra Valley Water overnight.

Sent in our crew with the mini excavator the very next day.

We shored up the trench with wooden planks and installed fresh new PVC pipes.

Unlike other drainage plumbers in Melbourne our clean-up is second to none! You would never know we’d been there!

Boundary shaft replacement Eaglemont
Excavated sewer inspection point
Trent shoring for sewer inspection point
Boundary Shaft repairs Eaglemont

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