Blocked Shower Drains in Melbourne

Do you have a clogged shower drain that needs a plumber?

Shower drains, they are beautiful contraptions. These wonderful things will take all of that mucky water that has washed off your body and escort it into your main sewage system. If they work well then they are fantastic. If you end up with blocked shower drains though…prepare for serious problems! On this page I want to run you through a little bit about how shower drains work, and perhaps more importantly, what you can do should you run into any issues with them!

Your shower drain is the ‘middle man’ between your sewage system and your shower. It is the shower drain which takes away all of that water which falls in your shower. There are a variety of different styles of shower drains available on the market. If you are having on installed then a shower drain plumber will help you choose the right one for your system. They will even be able to install it for you!

The shower drain tries to control exactly what enters the main plumbing system. The strainer on the shower drain is the most important component here. It will stop everything that is likely going to clog the main plumbing system from actually getting through. The pipe at the bottom of the shower drain is ‘U Shaped’. This is designed to stop any of the sewer gases getting back up into your shower room. 

This pipe relies on almost constant water in it. It is therefore important that you use your shower regularly if you don’t want sewer gases coming up. Trust me. They are going to smell…A LOT! The final component in the shower drain system is a vent. This is basically designed to regulate air pressure within the system. This ensures that everything is going to flow incredibly smoothly!

Now, from time to time you may experience blocked shower drains. This is mostly down to the fact that too many ‘large’ objects have been trapped in the filter. This stops water flowing through quickly. As a result you may find that water starts to gather in your shower room as opposed to actually flowing away (this is not ideal!). Pretty much anything can block that filter if too much gets in there. The most common cause of blockages in a shower drain is that of hair. Although if you are unlucky soap can end up doing it as well!

Most shower drains are designed to be accessed easily. A good shower drain plumber will be able to do this for you and remove the blockage and allow water to flow through properly once more. If they are unable to clear the blocked shower drains then they may need to use a few chemicals (the one they use will depend on what your main piping system is made out of). This will basically dissolve the blockage. This again is going to ensure that water flows through the system easily again!

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