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Melbourne’s Heidelberg was named after Heidelberg of Germany.

There’s one truth that generates no argument in Heidelberg.

Scott’s Drain Care & Repair provides the best blocked drain service in Heidelberg.

Whatever the reason your drains are backed up, and there’s a multitude of possibilities, Scott’s Drain Care & Repair will identify the problem, restore the flow and provide tips and instruction so you can avoid the issues reoccurring.


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The common causes of blocked drains relate to things we dispose of down the sink and toilet in particular. We throw egg shells, coffee grinds, oils and fats, with hair and sanitary products. Pipe gremlins feed off this, and they set about turning your drains into the equivalent of the Chandler highway between Princess St and Heidelberg Rd, at peak hour. Yes, you know it.

Scott’s Drain Care & Repair will bust the gremlins and relieve the traffic congestion in your drains. We are recognised for providing the most comprehensive drain blockage service in Heidelberg.  While a simple blockage is the likely issue, we will also identify more significant problems.

Your drains can break, fracture and come apart at the seams. Often old age is the reason, but earth movement, settling and tree root ingress can play all sorts of havoc with an otherwise happy system.

It’s these problems that need to be identified and rectified post haste. While a sluggish sink and disobedient dunny are bad, sure, the collateral damage a broken pipe can cause to your house sees these smelly issues pale into insignificance.

Not only does uncontained sewerage create a disease risk, the associated moisture can wreak havoc on your house fixtures, foundations and supports. Left unchecked, you could face an emergency repair bill that will eat all the money you had reserved for your 12-week European extravaganza. And then some.

Getting a comprehensive blocked drain service in Heidelberg means a call to Scott’s Drain Care & Repair. Time is of the essence here. At the slightest symptom, at the smallest hint of a growing blockage, you need to call us.

Ask us about our high-tech CCTV drain inspection. We send a camera into the darkest reached of your drainage system. The resulting images are a plumber’s revelation. With this accurate information we can formulate a plan and advise the process.

Scott’s Drain Care & Repair is the most customer focused blocked drain service in Heidelberg. We include you, we advise, and we explain.

The best advice we can give you know is to call us. Some jobs are best left off the DIY lists. For reliable drains, you need a reliable Plumber, and the most reliable blocked drain service in Heidelberg is Scott’s Drain Care & Repair. We’re waiting for your call now.

Every year, thousands of Australian residents experience blocked drains in their homes – and this number is growing. These climbing numbers have resulted in an increased demand for blocked drain repair jobs. One of the places in Australia that faces this issue is the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. Melbourne has the highest ratio of blocked drains compared to other Australian cities.  One of the major causes of blocked drains in Melbourne is the common presence of tree roots. Big roots tend to block the water flow of most drainage in Melbourne.

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Melbourne is known for being a garden state, green and leafy to counter the aesthetic effects of urban sprawl. However beneath this visual appeal is a serious plumbing problem. The high number of street and garden trees – often remarkably old, with deep roots – is the number one cause of blocked drains in the city. In order to understand how to unblock these drains, it’s important to first understand the two types of blocked drains.

  • Sewer drains – these are drains that collect waste from residential toilets, kitchens, bathrooms, and other parts of our home.
  • Storm water drains – these are drains that can be found under the streets which regulate rainwater to prevent flood.

For those individuals experiencing the problem of blocked drains in Heidelberg Melbourne, it is advisable for you to trust and develop a customer relationship with Scott’s Drain Care & Repair. This will guarantee you with an immediate response and an effective solution to your dilemma. The company’s expert workers and technicians all have advanced knowledge when it comes to unblocking drains. They also continuously improve their strategies to reach higher standards to satisfy the needs of their clients.

One of the best things about Scott’s Drain Care & Repair is that they are now using a modernized, high tech approach to unblock drains in Melbourne. This approach involves the use of CCTV and Hydro Jetting. Now you might ask, what are the benefits of using CCTV? And what is this Hydro Jetting? Well, in simple terms, Hydro Jetting is an environmentally friendly solution that easily unblocks drains. At Scott’s Drain Care & Repair, their number one concern is the environment. Through Hydro Jetting, you will be able to ensure a good quality solution without compromising your community and environment. Moreover, Scott’s Drain Care & Repair also uses the power of CCTV by inserting a fibrotic cable into the pipe to determine the major cause of the blockage. They can then apply a suitable solution to ensure that the cause is targeted and effectively removed from the drains.