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Hot Water System Repairs & Replacement

Trust SS Plumbing & Draincare to take care of all your hot water service requirements. From installation to replacement or repair plus long term servicing and maintenance, our goal is to help you get the best out of your current system (and help it last longer).

Brands of Hot Water Systems We Work With

We have experience working with all major brands and their particular needs and requirements to maintain your warranties. While the particular system you choose to install in your home or business is ultimately up to you, we are happy to make a suggestion that is based on how your system will be used.

Hot water models we have installed include, Aquamax, Rheem, Therman, Rinnai, Vulcan and Reece. There are many pros and cons to all of these models and finding the perfect one to fit your life, is what we can help with.

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Hot Water brands AquaMax
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For Reliable Repairs or New Hot Water System Installation in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs.

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Is Your Hot Water System Busted?

A hot water service is one of those items in a home that is just perfect when it is working, but when it bites the dust it’s an absolute nightmare! From freezing cold showers, to what many consider a high replacement cost. If you don’t get it replaced soon and for a great price then you may be back to boiling water on the stove to warm up a bath!

And showers? Well that’ll be nothing but a far distant memory…

Having your hot water service break down is truly one of the things that many homeowners dread and for a business it can stop trade in its tracks! Often you never think about what a hot water service does for you, besides giving you warm and toasty showers.

When it stops working, most often the first time you’ll notice is when you try to have a warm shower, or bath, and the water never gets hot. Sure, you’ll jump in and have that freezing shower because what else are you going to do?

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Repairing your Hot Water System may NOT be as Expensive as you Think

In most cases repairing a hot water service might not be as expensive as you think. There can be many problems which may not require the entire unit to be replaced.

Sure, it is easy for a novice to think that it should get ripped off the wall and a new shiny unit put back in its place, but without having a capable and experienced plumber totake a look, you’ll never really know.

An Honest Evaluation on When Repair vs Replacement makes Sense for your Hot Water Unit

Only by calling a plumber you can trust will you get the right advice.

In many cases a hot water service can be repaired, but there is little guarantee that it won’t break down again. If it has passed its usable lifetime, you’re often better off financially to replace the entire unit.

Although it may be a higher cost initially, in the long run you’ll be saving money. As a bonus it’ll be covered by a guarantee or warranty for the next ten years (or more) and you’ll have little to be concerned about for a while. No more worrying about having to put up with that freezing shower on the frostiest Melbourne morning in winter.

Replacing or Choosing the Right Hot Water System

We work with both homeowners, businesses and builders to get the best results for the purpose required. The needs of the system will differ based on what the unit is being used for.

In a business environment, you may want to choose a system that is reliable and efficient especially during business hours.

For the homeowner you may prefer a solar powered unit that will save on your hot water heating costs, and if you have many people using it you might consider a continuous flow system.

Nothing worse than the kids using up all the hot water!

How Long Should a Hot Water System Last

When you call on SS Plumbing & Draincare, we can check over your system and make an accurate determination for if you need a replacement or a repair. In most cases a hot water service will last roughly ten years.

Past this time, you’re likely better off replacing the entire unit. However, all of this will be discussed in detail before any decision is made.

Our idea is to get you back to having hot water as fast as possible, it doesn’t matter if you need a service completed or a total replacement, we’ll get the water flowing as quickly as possible.

For Reliable Repairs or New Hot Water System Installation in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs.

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Types of Hot Water Systems

If you are in need of a complete hot water replacement and installation, you’ll need to choose which unit you’d rather. There are quite a few different options to choose from some of these are:

  • Gas – uses gas to heat your water.
  • Electric – uses electricity to heat your water.
  • Solar – uses predominantly solar power to heat water and usually has a back-up power supply in either gas or electricity.

By examining your current system and what you require from a water heater, we can recommend which system is best for you according to the volume of hot water you’re likely to use. There are pros and cons to all of these hot water services.

Gas Hot Water Systems are Energy Efficient

These are cheaper to run than electric systems, especially if the connections are already in place. If you previously had a gas-powered hot water service ideally, you’d get a similar unit installed. It is energy efficient and generates less greenhouse gases than other electric options.

Some of the disadvantages include you’ll need an electric starter, which can mean that if the power is out, you still can’t get any hot water. The building needs to be connected to a gas main otherwise it may be very expensive to install, or not possible. The unit needs to be installed outside, and can often be noisier than other choices.

Gas hot water services are available in either storage or continuous flow systems, although continuous flow systems are often more expensive.

Solar Powered Hot Water Services are the Most Environmentally Friendly but Highest upfront Cost

The biggest advantage of a solar hot water system is that it can save you up to 90% on your energy consumption, and it is very environmentally friendly. In some cases, you can get rebates for installation from the government. With the reduction in usage costs, eventually the system will pay for itself.

However, it does have a high upfront cost involved with the installation process, and it can be unreliable on overcast days (although this can be mitigated with a booster unit).

Electric Hot Water Services are Cheapest to Install but Cost More to Run

Electric hot water services are readily available and usually have cheaper upfront costs than other models. They are an excellent choice if you need a unit installed in an emergency and do not have a large amount of funds available. They are relatively easy to install and can be replaced faster than most other designs. As electricity is charged in peak and off-peak times it can be configured to heat during off-peak times. The unit can be installed inside and outside, and they are quiet to run, and they do not have an external exhaust.

Disadvantages include, they are more expensive to run over the lifetime of the unit. They can produce more greenhouse gases, unless they are powered through renewable energy systems. If you wish to take advantage of off-peak electricity charges you will need to install a bigger unit, and this may increase the overall costs.

Just like gas systems electric hot water services are available in either storage or continuous flow systems.

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When Do You Need to Replace a Hot Water Service?

The most obvious answer is when you’re not getting hot water any more! But just because nothing is coming out of the tap doesn’t mean that your hot water service is broken beyond repair. When you hire SS Plumbing & Draincare we’ll investigate by performing a series of checks on the most common problems. We’ve seen them all. When the issue is identified we can make a call on if the unit could be repaired or if you may be better off with a replacement.

This can be based on the cost of the repair (and how much life the unit has left) over the cost of a replacement unit. Some older units may actually be costing you more to keep running, as they are using older technology on the inside. Newer units are more efficient and therefore will save you money on running costs (and often reduce regular maintenance costs).

We will make our recommendation and give you all the facts so you can make the correct decision for your needs. We understand that not everyone has the money to fork out for a new hot water service. There’s probably a million other items you’d rather spend your money on. Let’s be honest. And it’s nearly always a cost which comes out of the blue and is therefore unplanned for. So if it makes financial sense to keep an old hot water system functioning while you save up some pennies we’ll help keep it going if we can.

Emergency Call Out for Hot Water Service Repair & Replacement

It’s almost a guarantee that if your hot water service does break down, it’ll happen at the most inconvenient time.

Your wedding day
The night you return home from that rained out camping trip

At SS Plumbing & Draincare we proudly offer a 24/7 emergency service, so if things go wrong with your service and you need it fixed in a hurry you can call on us to be there and get it repaired.

However, if you’re not in a hurry (or want to save on call out fees) then we’ll come during our standard operating hours, which are 7am-7pm Monday to Saturday.

While it may mean you get hit with one cold shower, often the cost savings can be worth it, and you can put that money into buying a better hot water service.

Why Servicing Your Hot Water System Regularly is Important

Most of the time a hot water service will only be replaced once it has collapsed and completely malfunctioning. When you get your service regularly maintained, it can help in knowing when your service is nearly at the end of its life, and you can get it replaced before you have a catastrophic failure.

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