Collapsed Sewer in Collingwood. Protected Tree is culprit!

We’ve been regularly maintaining the drains  on this customer’s property for a few years now but blockages were becoming increasingly more frequent.

Beyond just clearing a drain that’s blocked up once, we recommend regular checks. It can extend the lifetime of your pipes while you save up for replacements! If you can go 12 months between blockages we can just keep maintaining the drain.

For this client however it was time for replacement.

CCTV Camera Inspection Uncovers Tree Root Invasion

We found after a camera inspection, a tree which had been planted above the drain had demolished it. Already a regular customer our client knew this was work was coming and was prepared for it financially.

On behalf of the client, we submitted an Urgent repair notice through City West Water . Removal of a section of fence was necessary to gain access to the property so that excavation work could begin (all included in our quote).

Sewer Excavation & Renewal in Collingwood

We also acquired a permit from City of Yarra to remove the protected tree – granted due to it being a health risk. Our arborist partner came in & cut tree down & ground down the stump.

After digging down to around 5m we shored up the trench and replaced the old blocked and damaged earthenware sewer pipes with new durable PVC and sent photos of the the site cleaned up & spotless to our client who was overseas.

He won’t need to see us again for quite a few years now!

Boundary shaft replacement Collingwood
Excavated sewer inspection point
Trent shoring for sewer inspection point
Boundary Shaft repairs Collingwood
For a reliable, affordable blocked drain plumber in Collingwood  & City of Yarra Call SS Plumbing & Draincare now!.

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