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Hot Water Repairs

Nothing worse than constant cold running water. SS Plumbing & Draincare can determine the status of your hot water service and either carry out a repair or replace with a new unit to ensure you have a constant flow of hot water for your home or business.

We advise you to not attempt to repair or install a hot water service unit yourself. Installation and repair requires a licensed plumber to carry out any work on such a system. Hot water service (electric) units are typically 240 Volt appliances and should be treated with extreme caution.

Life Cycles of Hot Water Units

Hot water units typically have a lifespan for about 10-15 years if properly maintained. The date of construction is clearly labelled on all units. Use this as a guide to determine if you need to replace the unit or it is nearing the end of its lifespan.

Hot Water Leaks/Noises

A hot water leak is common and can occur at a various points on your unit. You may require a plumber to either tighten or replace connections on the unit to ensure that it is not leaking and wasting water. Noisiness can also be caused by old connection and blockages within a unit which cause an inconsistent flow of water resulting in banging and other unpleasant nosies coming from the unit.

Water Temperature Issues

This is usually caused by a problem with the thermostat on the unit. Thermostats can often be easily repaired and replaced in this case.

Running out of Hot Water

This is most likely due to the capacity (L) of your existing unit. SS Plumbing & Draincare can make a recommendation on a new hot water unit with a larger capacity or alternatively an instant hot water service.

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