Stormwater Replacement in Doncaster

This client had become a regular of ours after frequent blockages in the storm drain at his property.  After a few years of this, a soggy garden and excess groundwater we agreed it was time to get rid of those old terracotta pipes and update them to PVC. Pipes can’t live forever though most often will last decades other factors such as ground movement over the years had definitely played its part in this case.  For property owners there comes a point where frequent unblocking and repairing becomes a false economy and they’re better off investing in upgrading.

Preparation & Excavation for new PVC Stormwater Pipes

First we marked out and cut and removed the concrete in preparation for the excavator.

We then excavated a long trench the entire length of the building, removing the hot water system and navigating carefully around the existing pipe connections and a gas main. 

We laid shiny new 100mm PVC Pipe with 1/4 minus supporting it through the whole trench and connected it up to the existing down pipe and storm water outlet.

For the hot water service we branched on a 90mm agi pipe covered with 20mm bluemetal running up the wall to the other down pipe. This was water poofed all along wall. 

To close off the job we of course backfilled the trench, re concreted the path over compacted crushed rock and reinstalled the hot water unit. After nailing the fence back on you would never have known we’d been there.

Except for the now less soggy lawn!

Finished and all cleaned up! Job Done! Another happy customer

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