Stormwater Drain Clean Out in Kew

We received a call from this client on Saturday morning. She had been having pools of water around her drain. Water was running back to her home and her garden was flooded.

CCTV Inspection discovered tree roots in the pipes.

We ran a CCTV camera through the drain and discovered a crack in the PVC pipes. The crack had allowed moisture to escape and attract tree roots into the pipe. They covered 1m of the pipe. We allowed the client to see the images and then gave her an hourly quote which she approved.

We dug down 1 metre to get close to the obstruction. There was no need to cut the tree down which in any case would’ve required permission from Boroondara City Council.

Instead, we cut up the roots of the tree which were close to the pipe. The roots will later regrow, but there will no longer be any break in the pipe for them to get through.

Hydrojet cleaning

We explained to the client that we could not use a snake auger to clean the drain though it would have been easier and faster.
A snake auger risked damaging the PVC pipes if we cut close to the pipes. Then, if we only cut at the centre, silt could accumulate and cause repeated blockages.

So we used a 4300 PSI hydrojet cleaner to run an omnidirectional stream of water through the pipes. We are the drain cleaning experts after all!

After only 4 hours, the pipes looked as clean as new.

The pipe wasn’t old so we found a repair was definitely more cost-efficient for the customer than a replacement. In other incidences however we do recommend and replace your old clay pipes with PVC if broken or particularly aged.

When we were done, the customer came to inspect the site. Due to our meticulous clean-up, she couldn’t believe we had been there in the first place. Except that there were no longer any puddles in her garden!

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