Professional Blocked Drain Repairs in Clifton Hill

The leafy, family suburb of Clifton Hill sits surrounded by Melbourne’s hipster heartland.

Despite this location, it’s still pretty unlikely you will see many hipsters wandering down Gold Street.

What you will see more regularly, is a Scott’s Drain Care & Repair work truck out front of a local home.

Increasingly, Clifton Hill families are getting the inside goss that Scott’s Drain Care & Repair provide the best blocked drain service in Clifton Hill.

In the full spirit of DIY, a minor drain blockage is tackled by mum and dad with a little inspiration from Bunnings.

This is understandable when your pipes are suffering some minor indigestion.

This indigestion however, invariably turns into full scale choking, expensive and inconvenient.

The only way you can be certain a blockage is removed, and the root cause identified, is a full inspection from Scott’s Drain Care & Repair.

Call Scott’s Drain Care & Repair for the most thorough blocked drain service in Clifton Hill.


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The most frequent question bar none is; why are my drains blocking? The answer is usually the same for many families. It’s because of the things you put down your drains, that really have no place in your drains at all. Yes. In most cases. It’s you that is blocking the drains and it’s easy to avoid the problem.

Talk to any successful, long standing plumbing firm. The owners will tell you that hair and sanitary products paid for their mortgage and their 5 children’s private education. In other words, these products are responsible for the lion’s share of plumbing callouts to family home drain blocks.

While Scott’s Drain Care & Repair are the certified masters of unblocking drains, our service to you can be so much more. We advise and consult. We help you implement strategies for the family so that these common, avoidable issues don’t reoccur. It’s the value add that makes Scott’s Drain Care & Repair the most sought after blocked drain service in Clifton Hill.

A full drain inspection and consultation for Scott’s Drain Care & Repair lets you know where you stand. With a heads up to potential drainage issues, and an identification of family habits that promote blockages, we can help you save time and money on avoidable drainage repairs.

Here’s an example. Did you know that most of the sanitary wipes promoted as being flushable, have no more place in your sewer than a tractor tyre? When we unblock your drains, we find the cause. This allows us to provide you with invaluable instruction, so your family can implement better care for drains. Scott’s Drain Care & Repair provides a complete blocked drains service in Clifton Hill.

At the first sign of blockage, don’t delay. Call Scott’s Drain Care & Repair. We understand that family life is busy and often hectic. Short of complete blockage, a sluggish drain can wait, can’t it. The short answer is no. Having Scott’s Drain Care & Repair address you drainage problems at the first sign of trouble is the most efficient and cost effective way to deal with blocked drains in Clifton Hill.