Got a Blocked Drain in Bulleen?

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Your drains are blocked again.

You’ve had your plumber out three times in the last 6 weeks, but still the problems persist.

The truth of the matter is; not all plumbers are created equally.

While your current plumber has a very fancy truck and an impressive big torch, they don’t seem to help him solve the issue.

When you need your drains unblocked the first time with a fix that ensures they stay unblocked, you need to call Scott’s Drain Care & Repair for the most thorough blocked drain service in Bulleen.


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Unblocking a drain is by no means rocket science, but only and experienced plumber can save you time, money and inconvenience. There are any number of causes for blocked drains, and only experienced plumbers can get to the heart of the issue efficiently.  Scott’s Drain Care & Repair provides a comprehensive blocked drain service in Bulleen that sets the benchmark other others try to emulate. It’s our experience that makes the difference.

Timely blockage rectification is the key to avoiding collateral issues, such as damage to the house, house fixtures or foundations. A key advantage of calling Scott’s Drain Care & Repair is that we know your local area and we’re familiar common drainage problems in Bulleen. This ensures a timely fix.

Often the problem when it first appears is simple with a simple fix. Sure, while a broken sewer pipe can lead to a sink hole the size of Jupiter that swallows you and your neighbourhood, the most likely scenario is that a build-up of sludge has stemmed the flow. A pressure blast, or attention from the eel sees it fixed.  It has none of the drama excitement of a giant sink hole but it’s sure a lot less costly.

A timely fix is a cost-effective fix. The money you save by calling Scott’s Drain Care & Repair, can be spent frivolously on your next adventure to Bulleen plaza. There’s no better value drainage service in Bulleen than Scott’s Drain Care & Repair. Our experience and insight promote speedy identification, and our skills and technology deliver lasting remediation. That’s value for you.

Over time, your drains will block, it’s inevitable. Let’s face it, you’d probably fail too when faced with the relentless onslaught of unmentionable carnage your pipes digest each day. With Scott’s Drain Care & Repair it’s not just about the immediate fix at hand. We’ll advise strategies and tips you can employ to extend the life of your drainage system and mitigate against the need for plumbing callouts.

At the first sign of drain blockages call Scott’s Drain Care & Repair. Be it an emergency or scheduled call out, you can count on compete professionalism, inclusion in the process, and an outcome that restores the flow to your drainage, whatever your blocked drain issue in Bulleen.

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