Why we love Living in Eaglemont 3084 Vic

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Eaglemont is a beautiful, picturesque and vibrant suburb of Melbourne which SS Plumbing & Draincare call home. We absolutely love living here. Let’s learn more about this serene suburb and what it offers to its residents.

This heritage-laden garden suburb is tucked in between Ivanhoe East and Heidelberg. Designed by Walter Burley Griffin – an accomplished American architect and landscape architect, Eaglemont is a lovely yet tranquil place to live.

The Blocks of Land are Most Generous in Eaglemont

Eaglemont’s popularity has grown not only due to its proximity to the CBD but because it offers more space to spread out. The closer you get to Melbourne city, a reasonable block of land is less affordable. Whilst this might not be a big issue for single professionals or couples, families like ours are drawn to Eaglemont for its open spaces and generous spacious blocks of land. When we need to walk the dog we have Albert Jones Reserve on our doorstep or for a longer stroll the beautiful Yarra Trail!

Eaglemont Village Silverdale Road

Affordable and Commutable with a Village Atmosphere

Eaglemont is only 10 km away from the Melbourne’s Central Business District and a 25min train ride in peak hour. Eaglemont Village has everything you need: restaurants, cafes and IGA plus major supermarkets and bigger shops and parks all within a 10-minute drive. Our popular hangout is the Eaglemont Cellars & the Eagle Bar and the dog friendly Aniseed cafe all right next to to the train station in Eaglemont Village.

It is no secret that homes in cities are getting expensive by the day and people are migrating to more affordable suburbs like Eaglemont. Yes, we do have to commute just a little farther, but that’s nothing compared to getting stuck in long traffic jams on every corner.

One of Melbourne’s Safest Suburbs!

Eaglemont is considered one of the safest suburbs in Australia because of its low crime rate. We don’t have to worry about robberies, assaults or even general hooliganism. We have no traffic congestion and overall an above average quality of life than what is available elsewhere. Our kids can have a great time with their friends and explore the outdoors. Who would not want that, right?

Nature at its Best

As we said, Eaglemont is a green place surrounded by tall trees from all sides. We love to take a short walk along the Yarra river to rejuvenate ourselves and get closer to mother nature. The natural soothing sound of the river and sweet chirping of the birds lowers the stress in our daily lives and leaves a smile on our faces. People often move to Eaglemont specifically to raise children, escape the hustle and bustle of the city to improve living standards significantly.



Low Density Living

Eaglemont has fewer people and broader, open spaces and offers a great deal of privacy. We do love interacting with people, but sometimes it feels a whole lot better to sit our comfy beds with our favourite books in our hands enjoying the calmness. If you enjoy quietness and peace, Eaglemont is the place to be.

SS Plumbing & Draincare is a family run business based in the neighbouring suburb of Alphington and Eaglemont has been our home for over 30 years now. It’s tranquil and beautiful yet within easy reach of the city and some of Melbourne’s best attractions. We are proud to call Eaglemont home.

If you need a licensed plumber in Eaglemont SS Plumbing & Draincare will get the job done right