Blocked Drains in Brunswick East

The ultimate blocked Drain Service in Brunswick East

You have a blocked toilet.

You’ve exhausted the household petty cash on 12 litres of Drano, and you now have blisters from a good hour spent on the plunger.

Still, no flow.

Your efforts should be applauded, but now it’s time to call the professionals.

SS Plumbing & Draincare offer the best value blocked drain service in Brunswick East.

There isn’t a toilet blockage we’re yet to free!


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The toilet is a simple device with an obvious function. Yet, for some reason, many a toilet becomes the collection point for the most eclectic range of objects. Curiously, any number of people think that any object secreted away into a toilet is flushed into oblivion.


The reality is quite the contrary. It simply gets jammed in the S-bend a few centimetres from the entry point, or worse, it makes its way into the drainage system, causing a blockage only a plumber can fix.  Whatever the blockage cause may be, we don’t judge. SS Plumbing & Draincare are customer focused professionals providing the most thorough blocked drain service in East Brunswick.

We don’t talk about toilets much, you certainly don’t see the fancy restaurants on Lygon street advertising the quality of their toilets. But toilets are our language, they’re our trade. And we can fix any problem that commenced at the toilet.

Truth is, while the toilet might not be flushing. The reason could be because of any number of drainage problems. The only way you can establish the cause, is to call SS Plumbing & Draincare to investigate.

It’s our experience that translates into value for our customers. We don’t waste time second guessing the cause or searching blindly. We know the signs that point to particular issues. This allows us to solve the issue faster, saving you inconvenience and money.

More often than not, the cause of the blockage is a common issue. Hair, sanitary products and other such items have collected in pipes and created a dam wall. This is easily removed with the eel and flow is restored.

SS Plumbing & Draincare offers a complete blocked drain service in East Brunswick. We can send a CCTV camera down your drains and provide you with a full report on any issues that may be building to cause blockage in the future. It’s not about the simple fix, it’s about ensuring you don’t have the problem occur again.

Our advice is free. Chat to us. We can advise you on ways you can mitigate against drainage blocks occurring. Tips such as; try to discourage flushing 9 in heels down the toilet. Don’t worry, we’ve plenty more like that one.

Call SS Plumbing & Draincarenow. We’re available for emergencies and scheduled visits. You can rest assured, if you’ve called SS Plumbing & Draincare, you’ve reached the best blocked drain service in East Brunswick.