Professional Blocked Drains Repairs in Fitzroy

Reliable Blocked Drain Services in Fitzroy

As much as we try, willing a blocked drain away only ever ends in disappointment.

It’s the sort of creative solution you would expect in a vibrant and creative Fitzroy, where the individual approach is celebrated all along Brunswick street.

A big Yellow excavator is probably a touch outside the cultural appreciation of your average Fitzroy inhabitant.

If you’d like to avoid one at your place, address you drain blockages with a matter of urgency.

A little inconvenience now, will save a nightmare later.

Scott’s Drain Care & Repair provides the best blocked drain service in Fitzroy.

We’ll turn up when you’re back up.

Our experience ensures an efficient approach.

We identify the issue quickly because we now the signs.


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Generally speaking, drain blockage in Fitzroy is due to something simple. A build-up of cooking oil and cooking fats over time is certainly enough on its own to cause a blockage. When you add to this, things like eggshells, hair and sanitary products, you create a solid dam, better than any Beaver could construct.  We’re yet to find aliens down drains, but we certainly find plenty of things that are alien to drains.

Techniques such as water pressure blasting and sending the mechanical eel down your pipes can solve the immediate issue. If blockage still persists, a CCTV inspection can provide an extremely accurate view. Scott’s Drain Care & Repair provide a thorough blocked drain service in Fitzroy. We persist until the issue is solved.


Should we find the cause is something complicated, such as a fractured or damaged pipe located inaccessibly, we’ll advise you on your options.  We won’t proceed until your guided through any process, understand the costs involved and any inconvenience that might have to be endured.

We understand busy people need to plan. We’ll work with you. It’s this type of customer focus that sees Scott’s Drain Care & Repair the preferred blocked drain service in Fitzroy.

Drains will block, and drains will fail. It’s inevitable. When you consider that which we dispose of down our drains, it’s a wonder they don’t walk off the job in protest.

Ask us about ways in which you can mitigate against further hassles down the road. Often a few tips and accompanying behavioural changes is all it takes to avoid the need for a call out, and to extend the life of your plumbing infrastructure.

Calling Scott’s Drain Care & Repair is the wise choice when you need blocked drain services in Fitzroy. The best tip we can give you is this: Give us a call the moment you have an issue. Rarely will these problems correct themselves. Left unchecked, a blockage can lead to collateral damage to your property that’s expensive and inconvenient. Call us now. We’re available for emergencies and scheduled visits.